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The right personal injury lawyer in Charlotte NC

How to Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Things happen in life, and when they do, it is best to have competent, professional legal representation on your side. Here is our guide to find the right personal injury lawyer for you in Charlotte NC.

The right personal injury lawyer in Charlotte NC

That is why it is absolutely necessary that you find the right personal injury lawyer for your case. Not only will this make things go more smoothly if the case goes to court, but also your lawyer will know how to assess your injury and what can be done about it.

But not everyone knows what to look for in a lawyer, or even how to find one to begin with. So to help you navigate the often complex process of finding legal representation, here are five tips for finding the right personal injury lawyer for you:

Have Some Idea of What You Want from the Process

Before you begin looking for a lawyer, figure out what you want to get out of this process. This doesn’t just mean compensation but also think about things like how willing you are to go to trial or how ready you might be to settle.

On top of that, decide whether or not an aggressive form of representation or a more congenial approach is what you want in a lawyer. Every attorney has their own style, and not every client fits with every attorney.

You also need to find lawyers that specialize in your particular case. Don’t just go for a generalist – you want someone who specializes in what happened to you. Knowing what you want as a client will help you navigate this critical early stage in the process of finding a personal injury lawyer.

Knowing Where to Look

The Internet is one of your best resources for finding a good lawyer. Beyond just a simple Google search, however, the Internet provides a wealth of resources when it comes to previous client reviews and even professional accreditation.

Scour the Internet and professional legal associations to find the best lawyer in your case area where you live.

Discuss Fees Ahead of Time

When meeting with potential lawyers, you will want to discuss how they work and like to get paid. Many accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that they don’t get paid if you don’t get paid.

But not every lawyer is like this which is why you need to have a conversation with your prospective attorney ahead of time.

Meet Your Lawyer

The initial meeting is really important. That’s why the preliminary first step helps you situate your case (and yourself) in the context of what you want a lawyer to do for you. Meet with your lawyer in person and take advantage of free consultations.

Just like with a doctor, you will want to go to more than one so be prepared to interview a couple of lawyers before you settle on one.

You Can Always Hire a New Lawyer

If it doesn’t work out with your current lawyer, do what is best for you and begin the process of looking for a new lawyer. Whether your current lawyer isn’t a good fit, is dragging his feet, or whatever other complaint you have, just know you can find someone else if you need to do that.

These are five important tips you should consider to find the right personal injury lawyer for your case.

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Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer in Charlotte NC

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Simple maintenance steps must be completed, such as checking brakes and tires, or there is a risk that motorists will drive smaller vehicles around them. Throughout Texas, trucks are driven on local roads and highways. Its drivers travel across the country and within the state. Many of the drivers travel during the night without much rest.

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer in Charlotte NC

Other Causes Of Serious Accidents

Driver fatigue is only one of the reasons why a truck accident can occur. While there are many reasons and causes why a truck could be involved in an accident, there is often only one result.

Because of damage that can easily occur in a truck accident, injuries are very likely to be serious. In the state of Texas, truck accident injuries may be due to the negligence of the truck owner and/or the company to which they delivered. However, testing this can be difficult, especially when the driver has the legal team of the company he works for.

We Have An Effusive Experience In Accidents With Trailers

In an accident with a truck and a tractor-trailer, there may be many defendants. These include:

  • The truck driver
  • The truck company
  • The person who rented the truck
  • The truck manufacturer
  • Who loaded the truck

Because there are many parties involved in truck accidents, it can be difficult to navigate through all the factors to identify the person responsible.

That is why it is important to have a solid representation with determination and resources to investigate who is guilty and ultimately hold them accountable.

A tractor-trailer is a unique type of vehicle, and the way it is designed lends itself to a variety of severe accidents if it is not maintained or driven properly.

Contact our lawyers today so we can help you in this difficult time. We can start work and start a negotiation for a compensation agreement, even when you are still recovering from your injuries.

Tractor-Trailer Accidents Frequently Caused by Driver Negligence

  • Distracted
  • Sending Text Messages
  • I was speeding, and I wasn’t saving enough space in front of the car ahead or violating traffic rules
  • Extremely tired
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • Poorly trained
  • Failure to adjust the load properly due to negligence

All of these potential causes of tractor-trailer accidents involve claims of negligence against the driver, driver’s employer, and his insurance company. If any of these factors leads to a tractor-trailer accident that causes injury or damage, the victim could have a legitimate claim for compensation.

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Key Steps To A Successful Personal Injury Case

Key Steps To A Successful Personal Injury Case


Key Steps To A Successful Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases can be tricky to navigate. In a sense, the clock is ticking as soon as the accident occurs and any move you make could potentially cost you the case. If you get injured, you’ll likely need financial help to deal with medical bills, money lost from not working, etc.

So here are the key steps you need to take for a successful personal injury case.

  1. Don’t Accept the Blame

If you’ve ever seen a cop show you know that when someone is arrested, they are told that anything they say may be used against them in a court of law. This also applies to accidents. If you tell the person that the accident was your fault, this could be all they need to stop your case in court. Even saying something innocent like you’re sorry may be taken as an admission that it was your fault.

Make sure to pay close attention to what everyone is saying and be sure to give nothing but absolute facts instead of opinions.

  1. Call the Authorities

All accidents should be reported to the proper authorities. Reporting establishes a paper trail that could be used in court if needed. You should also get any injuries documented and checked as early as possible. If you experience pain following an accident, let the police know so that they can document it and have it checked out.

  1. Document Everything

Speaking of documenting, make sure that you properly document everything that happens in an accident. The responding police officers should make documents, but it helps to have your own on hand. Make sure to take pictures of the damage, including personal damage, with your phone. Get the names and contact information of potential witnesses too.

  1. Have a Doctor Look You Over

It’s possible the injury might not manifest for a few days. Make sure you go to your doctor and get checked out when you can. This ensures you get the medical attention you need while also adding to the paper trial for court proceedings.

  1. Listen to Your Doctor

Many people have destroyed their own cases by not following their doctor’s orders. If a doctor tells you to get plenty of bed rest for a week and you’re working again in a few days, then you do more than compromise your recovery. You are also giving a defense attorney ammunition to use against you. They can claim that you exaggerated your injuries. Always listen to your doctor and do what they say.

  1. Lawyer Up

Lawyers, much like doctors, have their own specialties. You shouldn’t hire a tax attorney for your divorce, and you shouldn’t hire a corporate attorney for a personal injury case. Find a personal injury lawyer. If possible, find one who has experience in your kind of injury, such as a lawyer with a history of malpractice cases.

  1. Don’t Sign Anything

If you were to sign a settlement offer or a statement admitting you were at fault, then you aren’t going to get the compensation you deserve. Make sure a personal injury attorney looks through settlement offers before you sign them.

  1. Don’t Talk to Insurance Companies Without Consultation

Keep in mind that you might be fighting the insurance company themselves, as well as the people they represent. You should have an attorney who can act as a go-between for all parties.

If you are injured due to the negligence of someone else, then you are deserving of all potential compensation. The only way you can do that is to handle the situation properly though. Keep these eight steps in mind the next time you are involved in an accident.…

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

What Is An 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer And When Do You Need One?

If you’ve recently been in an accident with an 18-wheeler truck, then you might have a lot of questions about what to do next. You may even remember some vague commercial or letter in the mail talking about 18 wheeler accident lawyers. But what exactly does one of these lawyers do and when should you consider contacting them? We’ll answer both of these questions in the following sections regarding trucking accidents.

What Does An 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Do?

An 18-wheeler accident attorney is a type of personal injury lawyer who specializes in cases that involve 18-wheeler and tractor trailer vehicles. These are large, commercial vehicles that spend day and night traveling across the country. Some of the worst automobile accidents in the country involve 18-wheelers and are fatal truck accidents, which usually result in an accident claim. An 18-wheeler accident attorney stands up for the injured party and fights for compensation, including punitive damages and legal fees.

Accidents involving these commercial vehicles are more complicated than accidents with residential drivers. The drivers of the 18-wheeler are required to have specialized licenses and the company that owns trucks has to make sure that it meets very high safety standards. They also have to comply with federal regulation and safety regulations that ensure the vehicles are operating in a safe manner and regular maintenance to guard against brake failure.

A truck accident lawyer must fully understand these legal aspects among many more, including an understanding of the causes of trucking accidents and product liability for the accident victims. This is why you must work with a specialized 18 wheeler accident attorney and not a general lawyer who covers a variety of cases and lacks the specific knowledge required with respect to commercial trucks.

Our trucking accident attorney and legal team are well versed in truck accident claim evaluation for truck accident claim especially with severe injury, brain injury, wrongful death, neck injuries, burn injuries and spinal cord injury.

When Should You Contact An Accident Lawyer?

You’re advised to contact an accident attorney as soon as you are safe and able to do so. It’s important to work quickly and to gather as much evidence as possible early after the accidents. It is very easy for 18-wheeler rental companies to tamper with evidence as time progresses making it seem as though they were not at fault. They can make changes to ledgers, accidentally lose important documents, or have repairs made to a truck that did not meet standards of the federal motor carrier safety administration.

Your initial contact with our injury attorneys will provide you with an opportunity to explain what happened in your truck accident claim. The lawyer will proceed to ask you a series of questions about the accident and what caused it so drivers and truck companies may be held accountable for punitive damages. The more accurately you can remember the events the more helpful your information will be. That means it’s a good idea to contact a truck accidents lawyer as soon as possible before you begin to forget the details.

An attorney who has a lot of information can aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf. They will make contact with the trucking company, insurance agencies, and legal attorneys involved in the claim. It’s a tremendous amount of work for someone without adequate experience dealing with these types of cases. One of the many reasons you shouldn’t attempt this legal battle alone.

Get The Help You Deserve

An accident involving an 18-wheeler is a serious event that could affect the rest of your life. You could face hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages. If the trucking company was responsible for this accident, then they should be responsible for covering those losses and more. An 18 wheeler accident lawyer is someone who will fight in your corner to ensure you receive compensation for your truck accident injury. At the Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group we also help those involved in motorcycle accident, vehicle accidents, truck wrecks and bus accidents.

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5 Common Mistakes That Could Ruin A Car Accident Injury Claim

5 Common Mistakes That Could Ruin A Car Accident Injury Claim


Best Charlotte Car Accident Attorney

When you have been the victim of a car accident, it’s easy to feel disheartened afterward. Often, the emotional and physical trauma can be hard to understand or find a solution for.

For many people, though, the next step is to look to take the car accident to court. If you wish to claim for compensation due to injury, though, you need to make sure that you do things by the book.

If you want the best chances of success, then you need to avoid these 5 common mistakes.

  1. Waiting for medical treatment

Arguably the first major mistake that you could make is not getting immediate medical assistance. Even if you think your injuries are not major, it’s important to visit a doctor for documentation purposes. It’s not just for the case, though; getting checked out is a medical necessity after you’ve been hurt.

  1. Waiting to call support

When you are in the midst of the accident, it’s easy to lose track of procedure. However, the first thing you should – aside from get immediate medical treatment – is call 911. You want to get the law enforcement involved as soon as possible. They can accurately detail the scene, take statements from the drivers, and add weight to the argument you put forward in court.

Without a police report, though, you’ll struggle to prove with any certainty your claims in court.

  1. A lack of witnesses

Now, while you can’t exactly force people to be on the scene when you crash, you need at least one witness.

A witness statement is the difference between being able to get your claim heard, or having it dismissed in the first place. A witness statement is one of the most significant pieces of evidence used when deciding who is at fault.

  1. A lack of photo evidence

When you tell a court or a judge that your car received X, Y, and Z damage, they will want to see proof. This means getting immediate photos post-crash, and also a mechanics report when you have it repaired. Most times you’re going to have your phone with you, so make sure to take some photos as soon as possible.

  1. No legal assistance

The last piece of evidence that could go some way to making your case hard to win, or get heard, is not having legal assistance. You could try and negotiate the whole settlement yourself, but legal expertise adds credence and weight to your entire argument.

It’s always worth reaching out to get professional help, as the legal knowledge needed to fight even a basic car accident is huge.

Don’t jeopardise your own chances of getting fair compensation in a car accident. Make sure you utilise each of the mentioned procedures, and you’ll be far more likely to win your day in court.

If you have been involved in an accident, call us now, to have our attorneys work on your side and gain the upper hand! . Call us at 980-239-2275

Car accident attorney

3 Types Of Damages You Can Receive After A Car Accident

Car accident attorney


When driving your car, the fear of running into a road incident can be quite concerning. Not only are you concerned about your own health and safety, but of any legal issues that might come as a result of a traffic accident.

Generally, the damages you might receive will include the following.

Punitive Damages

As arguably the most common form of damage after a car accident, punitive damages can be quite significant. Punitive damages are quite unique, though, in that they are often almost separate from the incident. For example, other forms of loss are often tied to the loss of something to the injured party.

However, with punitive damages, you are searching for compensation in lieu of any loss. For example, if someone was found to have been drunk at the wheel when they caused the car accident, you could chase them for punitive damages.

Typically, punitive damage will be limited to a set fee depending on where you are based.

Non-Economic Damages

The next form of damage that you could go through after a car accident would include non-economic damage. This is often hard to put a price on, as the damage can be more personal and emotive. So, for example, you could seek some form of compensation due to any pain that you feel. It’s often calculated by looking at a drop-off in quality of life in comparison to how you lived prior to the incident.

Also, non-economic damage could also be associated with physical injury. If you were to become disfigured or permanently injured, you could look to claim this during the damages claim. It can even come down to simple mental stress – are you no longer confident in getting around after the incident?

While often hard to prove, non-economic damage can often be among the most significant cases financially.

Economic Damages

The last form of damage for a car accident is normal economic damage. For most people, this will be the kind of claim that you are likely to put in. For many people, the need to invest in car repairs, or even a new car, can be vast. This will help you to recover some (or all) of the fees that you need to pay due to the accident.

This could be anything from medical expenses to a loss of employment earnings. It might even come down to things like childcare costs, as you are temporarily unable to give your children the care they need due to the injury.

Normally, economic damages are among the simplest to work out, as they can usually have a genuine financial value attached.

Either way, you should look to get assistance with any car accident you are victim of. Investing in legal assistance can often be the difference between winning or losing your case. Once you know what kind of case you wish to fight, though, it can become much easier to win.

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How To Choose My Own Lawyer In Case Of A Traffic Accident

How to report an accident to my insurance company and choose my lawyer. Legal Defense Coverage.

I just had a traffic accident, in which I had no fault. What do I do? How do I report the accident to my insurance company? Who pays my lawyer? Can I choose a lawyer or does the company impose it? Will I recover those lawyer expenses?

The Vehicles And The Respective Insurance Companies

The first thing to do is to properly fill out the friendly part of the accident, with all the data, especially those related to the identification of the drivers, the vehicles and the respective insurance companies. Also, if you have any discomfort or injury, you should go to see him in the emergency room that same day.

Specialized In Traffic Accidents In Almeria

With the friendly part of the accident, if you had the accident in Almeria, the second would be to contact a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents in Almeria, so that you can process everything, and refer a doctor and/or rehabilitator to take you out the rehabilitation of their injuries, which if done within the first 72 hours, it is reasonable to enter into the Unespa agreement .

Communicating The Appointment Of A Lawyer

Then, you should report to your own company, presenting a copy of the friendly part, and communicating the appointment of a lawyer. You can do it or by email scanning everything, or presenting it in an office of your insurance company, stamping a copy to stay with proof of your presentation.

Perfect Right To Appoint The Lawyer

You are in your perfect right to appoint the Charlotte NC car accident lawyer you deem appropriate to defend your interests, and not have to settle for the processors of your own company, which, surely, will ensure more for the interests of the insurer than those of you.

The Instructions Of The Insurer

This is established in article 76 of Law 50/1980, of October 8, on the Insurance Contract: "the lawyer and attorney designated by the insured will not be subject, in any case, to the instructions of the insurer."

Appoint A Law Firm Specialized In Traffic Accidents

It is best to appoint a law firm specialized in traffic accidents. The normal thing is that that office already takes care of everything, claiming to the opposite company.

Depending on the guarantees contained in your policy, and in case of designating us,  we will also take care that your insurer reimburses you the fees you pay as a result of the accident up to the limit contracted (Legal Defense).

Remember that many insurance policies that the law requires to contract, contain a section related to "Legal Defense"; in such a way that its own insurer will cover, in whole or in part, and according to the content of the policy, the expenses that the management of a private lawyer may cause. All this, regardless of whether there is a condemnation of judicial costs. So at least it will recover part of those fees. Although you think that insurance companies always try to pay the minimum, and are always reluctant to pay, but at least recover part of the fee.

10 Important Factors To Remember What To Look For When Hiring An Auto Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one is injured in an accident, you need an expert car accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC to handle your claim. But, how do you know which lawyer is more suitable? What criteria should be used to choose the right lawyer? Here are some of the key factors to question when choosing an auto accident lawyer:

Check your experience

Your lawyer should be able to tell you:

  • How many cases have been resolved?
  • How many does the lawyer have before a jury?
  • What dollar verdicts has the lawyer reached?

Ask about your team of experts

Who does a lawyer work for? Does the lawyer have a working relationship with researchers, doctors, accountants and other professionals?

Is the lawyer willing to go to trial?

The best way to get the biggest prize is to be prepared to go to trial. Some lawyers are afraid of the test – instinctively, as to resolve cases. A lawyer who has dealt with cases knows each stage prior to trial is important for the trial. The qualified auto accident lawyer is constantly thinking – the way this document, question or some evidence of being useful in the trial.

He is the lawyer of a good and skillful negotiator

Insurance companies are interested in resolving cases of the lowest rate. A good lawyer to know the arguments and defenses that insurance negotiators are going to use so that the lawyer can obtain the best results in the negotiation. They also know that negotiators offer the best solution when they know that the lawyer will go to trial.

Check their testimonies

Not the lawyer / company has statements and references from clients who have liked the lawyer’s work.

Visit his website and his blogs

Good auto accident lawyers are interested in educating their clients and potential clients. See if the Charlotte, NC attorney has numerous legible and informative articles on personal injury issues so that the client can be properly informed.

Quotas political contingency

Does the lawyer have a contingent fee policy? A contingency fee means that the lawyer only receives compensation if the case is resolved (with the client’s approval) or there is a verdict. Lawyers who take cases on a percentage basis / contingency fees have a personal interest in winning the case.

What percentage of your practice is a personal injury?

Check the lawyer’s website and ask the lawyer what their areas of practice are. They handle personal injury cases or simply do not handle other issues such as family law and farms. A lawyer dedicated to personal injury matters is only more likely to be prepared to handle and to win your claim for car accident.

Ask who is handling the case?

Make sure that the experienced lawyer will be more than seeing the case and not a personal partner.

What kind of trauma?

Ask about the types of cases they have handled. What just did minor injuries or do not handle cases in which the victim is unable to work for the rest of his life or when the victim has died?

A good Charlotte auto accident lawyer will be happy to explain your experience, how you can help prepare and win your case and be able to point to tangible successful results.

How Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group can help.

If you or someone you know has suffered from a car or car accident, let our legal firm help you get the recovery you deserve. During these difficult times it will help you receive the maximum compensation allowed by law and we will help you through each step of the case. We will not take any fee until the case is resolved.