3 Types Of Damages You Can Receive After A Car Accident

Car accident attorney

Car accident attorney


When driving your car, the fear of running into a road incident can be quite concerning. Not only are you concerned about your own health and safety, but of any legal issues that might come as a result of a traffic accident.

Generally, the damages you might receive will include the following.

Punitive Damages

As arguably the most common form of damage after a car accident, punitive damages can be quite significant. Punitive damages are quite unique, though, in that they are often almost separate from the incident. For example, other forms of loss are often tied to the loss of something to the injured party.

However, with punitive damages, you are searching for compensation in lieu of any loss. For example, if someone was found to have been drunk at the wheel when they caused the car accident, you could chase them for punitive damages.

Typically, punitive damage will be limited to a set fee depending on where you are based.

Non-Economic Damages

The next form of damage that you could go through after a car accident would include non-economic damage. This is often hard to put a price on, as the damage can be more personal and emotive. So, for example, you could seek some form of compensation due to any pain that you feel. It’s often calculated by looking at a drop-off in quality of life in comparison to how you lived prior to the incident.

Also, non-economic damage could also be associated with physical injury. If you were to become disfigured or permanently injured, you could look to claim this during the damages claim. It can even come down to simple mental stress – are you no longer confident in getting around after the incident?

While often hard to prove, non-economic damage can often be among the most significant cases financially.

Economic Damages

The last form of damage for a car accident is normal economic damage. For most people, this will be the kind of claim that you are likely to put in. For many people, the need to invest in car repairs, or even a new car, can be vast. This will help you to recover some (or all) of the fees that you need to pay due to the accident.

This could be anything from medical expenses to a loss of employment earnings. It might even come down to things like childcare costs, as you are temporarily unable to give your children the care they need due to the injury.

Normally, economic damages are among the simplest to work out, as they can usually have a genuine financial value attached.

Either way, you should look to get assistance with any car accident you are victim of. Investing in legal assistance can often be the difference between winning or losing your case. Once you know what kind of case you wish to fight, though, it can become much easier to win.

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