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Accident Lawyer for Bird and Lime Scooters

Looking for a Bird and Lime Scooters accident attorney? Bird and Lime scooters are becoming increasingly popular. If you have been injured while riding a Bird or Lime scooter, you need to reach out to a bird scooter accident lawyer right away.

We can tell you if you have a case and how much money you may be able to recover.  As a scooter injury lawyer, we can help. We work with clients to decide if they have a case and who should be at fault.

As the popularity of rental scooter services grows, so do the risks of injury for electric scooter riders. The injury victims will typically have medical bills and property damage from scooter crashes, resulting in pain and suffering.

Overall, firms like Bird and Lime make it pretty straightforward to find, rent, and travel around on their electric scooters at a reasonable cost. Though convenient, these scooters increase the likelihood of injury for users. They can also cause major problems for those close by.

Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer? scooter accident attorney

Bird, Lime, and other e-scooter companies have recently sprung up around the United States, crowding city streets with scooters.  These electric scooters allow users to go short distances fast and economically.

This “future rideshare wave” is marketed to provide people with mobility and freedom at a low cost. Unfortunately, e-scooters are riddled with dangers electric scooter accidents are on the rise.

They can cause accidents and injuries as well as endanger other vehicles, pedestrians, and riders.

The following are some of the most common types of injuries experienced in Bird and Lime scooter accidents:

In fact, it has been reported that hundreds of individuals were treated in hospitals for e-scooter injuries, resulting in tremendous medical expenses. Helmets are not given with the scooters.  This safety issue only contributes to the overall problem.

How Does Bird or Lime Work?

bird or lime scooter accident attorney, cincinnati lime bike accident attorneys, seattle bird scooter accident lawyer, bird scooter accident lawyers near me, charlotte boating accident lawyer, electric scooter riders, bird scooter accidents, bird electric scooter, bird scooter accident attorneys, accident scene,The way it works is customers find a scooter somewhere, take it, and leave on the spur of the moment, with most people not wearing helmets at the time. E-scooters can endanger not only riders but also walkers, bikers, and others in their path. Bird and Lime scooters, when parked and abandoned, can pose a tripping hazard to pedestrians.

Furthermore, E-scooter riders, like bicyclists and motorcyclists, lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle.  This leaves them vulnerable to catastrophic injury in the event of a crash or collision with a motor vehicle.

These collisions can be worsened by the specific type of scooter accident.

As scooter accident lawyers, we see these cases quite often and are happy to help.  If you have been injured by riding, tripping, or around an E-scooter, you need to reach out to a scooter lawyer today.

We are a bird and lime scooter accident attorney that assists our clients in getting paid for their scooter-related injuries. Call today.

How Bad Were the Injuries?

Minor scrapes and bruising do not give rise to an insurance claim or litigation. Receiving compensation after a scooter accident necessitates demonstrating that the incident caused serious injuries that needed medical attention. The higher the medical expenditures and the degree of injury as a result of the scooter accident, the more a victim of the accident can claim.

Is It Possible to Hold Bird or Lime Accountable?

For the time being, the quick answer is “probably not.” When riders unlock an e-scooter, they must first sign a responsibility waiver. Furthermore, the corporation that makes the scooter available cannot be held liable if a rider engages in unsafe behavior. You also may not be able to make a personal injury claim, wrongful death claim, file an injury lawsuit or even make a claim for product liability based on the user agreements.

This can apply even if the vehicle accident was the result of scooter malfunction.

For this reason you need a personal injury attorney to represent you.

However, at the time of writing, Lime and Bird were facing a number of lawsuits.  These were mostly about their legal duty to avoid injuries and deaths in scooter incidents.

Many scooter accidents involve a person falling (fall accidents) or being thrown from the scooter. This may expose the company to liability if the scooter is malfunctioning or in need of repair.

There are also further problems about whether Bird and Lime appropriately control who can rent the scooters.  Unsafe practices such as not wearing or offering helmets is also being investigated.

Some Common Reasons for Needing a Scooter Injury Lawyer

As scooter lawyers, we have had many people contact our office regarding the Lime and Bird scooters that have caused them harm and injuries.

So far, some of the most common mishaps have been:

  • Accidents caused by mechanical problems and breakdowns with the scooters themselves
  • Crashes are caused (at least in part) by debris, sudden changes in topography, potholes, and other hazardous road circumstances.
  • Swerving or otherwise attempting to avoid colliding with other scooter riders, pedestrians, or a cyclist results in a crash.
  • Car or building doors are opening and hitting those riding the scooters.
  • Collisions between pedestrians and scooter users.
  • Crashes occur as a result of the scooter wobbling or the front wheel locking up when attempting to slow or stop.
  • Crashes caused by severed brake lines and other acts of vandalism or scooter damage
  • Unsafe behavior increases the likelihood of injuries and accidents.
  • Crashes are caused by sideswipe incidents between automobiles and scooter riders driving on the shoulder of the road in the direction of traffic flow.
  • Riders’ dangerous practices, in addition to the general exposure to physical harm that riding a scooter, entails, contribute to the likelihood of significant injury.

The following are examples of dangerous scooter riding practices:

  • Inadequate use of helmets
  • I’m riding a scooter with some other people.
  • Riding a scooter on congested sidewalks
  • Exceeding the posted miles per hour
  • Failure to obey traffic signals when riding a scooter across the street
  • Underage riders allowed on scooters
  • Failure to see road hazards
  • Driving a scooter while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Personal Injury Lawyers – Helping Scooter Accident Victims

If you have been injured in a scooter accident, we are here to help. Scooter operators have a statute of limitations when injured in an accident so contact as soon as possible.

When your injuries disrupt your life and cause time off from work, resulting in a reduction in earning capacity and lost wages, hospital bills, and other expenses, we are here to help you make up for the loss you have suffered by assisting you in holding the responsible party accountable.

You could be confused whether the fault in your situation is a scooter rental firm like Bird or Lime, a careless rider, the government agency in charge of road maintenance, or someone else entirely. We are prepared to dive into your case with you and discover who is to blame for the harm you have endured, allowing you to rest and focus on getting better.

Contact the injury attorneys at The Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group at (980) 239-2275 for a free evaluation to help determine the right compensation you deserve. When recovering compensation for you, you owe us nothing unless you win and recover for your scooter accident injuries.

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