Charlotte Catastrophic Injury Attorney

catastrophic injury attorney

Charlotte Catastrophic Injuries Attorney

What are Catastrophic Injuries and How Can They Be Avoided?

catastrophic injury attorney

Catastrophic injuries can be those that cause severe injury that may prevent the victim from returning to their previous lives. These injuries can lead to expensive and prolonged medical treatment as well as ongoing care. Victims might not be able to return to their job or even stop working altogether.

These injuries can cause trauma and grief for both the victims and their families.

You need a Charlotte NC catastrophic injury attorney to represent you and your interests.

The lawyers at The Charlotte Car Accident Lawyers Group can help you and your loved ones if they were severely injured in a automobile accident while at job. We can help you get fair and just compensation from the at fault person or their insurer.

These types of injuries can be devastating. Our catastrophic injury lawyers in Charlotte understand this and will provide the support and advocacy you require. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Catastrophic injuries: Types

These injuries, which are generally life-altering, are usually those that cause the victim to be unable to return to pre-injury normal life.

Examples of catastrophic injuries are:

Any injury can be devastating. Broken bones or fractures can be very serious if they are severe. 

What are the Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

As the accident’s circumstances become more violent, more catastrophic injuries are possible. A higher speed collision is more likely to cause a life-altering or catastrophic injury than one that occurs at low speeds. This is not an absolute.

Sometimes insurance companies try to convince claimants that their injuries are not catastrophic because they weren’t in a “violent accident”, but medical records prove otherwise.

The most common causes of catastrophic injuries are:

Even if there are no accidents, a catastrophic injury can still occur. A negligent doctor could cause a catastrophic injury that can alter a patient’s life for the worse. Serious injuries can be caused by dangerous products.

How to build a strong case

Because catastrophic injury claims can be the most expensive, insurance companies don’t like paying them. It would be shocking if an insurer didn’t do all they could to deny or reduce your claim. This is why it is important to have a strong case right from the beginning.

You can feel reassured knowing that you have a team of professionals to help you. We will focus on holding the responsible party accountable and pressuring their insurers to offer you a fair settlement. If they seem to want to unfairly contest your claim, we can provide strong and convincing evidence.

The Evidence that can often help make the most out of a catastrophic injury case are:

  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Photographs
  • Video footage from security cameras or dash
  • Repairs to vehicles or property

Five Dos and Don’ts for Catastrophic Injuries Claims

Each step in a case involving catastrophic injuries is crucial. So are the steps that you do not take. We can help you to understand what to do and what to avoid.

The “dossiers” for a case involving catastrophic injury are:

These are the “don’ts”, in a case involving catastrophic injury:

  • Do not admit to any liability, or even apologize.
  • Do not sign any contract with an insurance company without consulting your attorney.
  • Do not give an unrecorded statement to an adjuster.
  • Don’t share too many details with anyone, even not via your social media platforms.
  • Do not push for a settlement unless you have reached your maximum medical improvement (MMI).

Catastrophic Injury Settlements

These personal injuries cases are unique because of the severity of the damages suffered by victims. Catastrophic injuries need ongoing care and may even require lifelong care.

Victims could be in a wheelchair or bedridden. Some victims may require modifications to their homes to be able to move around. Others may need 24/7 in-home help. Some victims may not be able return to work after their injuries. Others might never work again.

The cost of a catastrophic injury could easily run into the millions for both the victims and their families over the course of a victim’s life. Not only is there financial stress, but also the emotional and physical consequences.

The Charlotte Car Accident Lawyers Group evaluates the total lifetime cost of your injuries or that of a loved one. We also consider your present and future costs, such as ongoing rehabilitation, psychological and medical treatment, and lost future earnings. Our Charlotte catastrophic injury lawyers can help you build a case that will seek maximum compensation.

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