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Charlotte’s economy is booming which means that construction accidents are increasing. Falls , severe burns , crush injury , electrocutions and other accidents are all possible while on a construction site, or while visiting one.

Construction injuries can have devastating consequences. You and your family can be hit hard by medical bills, lost income, and other costs.

The Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group are construction accident lawyers that represents North Carolina residents who have been seriously injured in accidents. In the more than a decade of our practice, our lawyers have won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf construction workers who were hurt while working.

There are several common types of construction injuries and accidents

Even though almost every type of injury could occur at a construction site , certain kinds of injuries – or accidents that cause them- are more common. Construction accidents are most common due to:

  • Falls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the most common type of construction site accident. Workers might fall from scaffolding cranes, roofs or ladders, or any other height. Workers may slip and fall onto oil, wood shavings, water or any other substance or object on walking surfaces. Broken bones, severe spinal cord injuries or death can all result from falls.
  • Falling objects. It may not be the worker who is at fault in some accidents. A worker may be injured if a load falls from a height. Another possibility is that a tool falls from a platform and hits a worker below. Even with proper safety equipment such as hardhats, serious brain and spinal cord injuries as well as broken bones can occur.
  • Equipment-related accidents. Heavy machinery and cranes can pose risks, no matter how cautiously workers use it. Equipment that is defective can cause severe injuries, such as puncture and crush wounds.
  • Poisonings, burns, and other injuries. Many construction materials can be dangerous, toxic, or caustic. This includes fire and electricity which can cause burns as well as many chemicals used for construction. The exposure to these substances can lead to severe burns, poisoning reactions, or other harm.
  • Trench collapse
  • Overexertion, repetitive motion injuries and heatstroke are some of the dangers associated with construction. Repetitive physical labor can lead to injury, muscle or joint damage, heat stress, hypothermia or other severe overexertion injuries. Workers’ Compensation will pay for medical bills and other expenses related to these injuries in many cases.

Even if your injury or accident is not on the list, you still have rights. Contact one of our Charlotte construction accident lawyer to find out more about your legal rights. We can assist you in seeking compensation if your loved one has been killed in a construction site accident.

U.S. Construction Accidents

Construction can be dangerous. Workers spend their day around heavy machinery, dangerous equipment, and other hazardous materials. High-risk construction work requires adequate safety gear and training. Accidents can result from employers not providing enough training and protective equipment to their workers. Many people are injured and killed each year in tragic accidents at construction sites.

Data about workplace fatalities, injuries and accidents is collected by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. The construction industry is responsible for 1 out 5 US worker fatalities. According to a recent study, these were the top causes of fatalities at construction sites.

  • Falls: 364 deaths
  • 90 deaths due to being struck by an object
  • Electrocutions: 81 deaths
  • Caught in/between: 67 Deaths

North Carolina is not alone in having a high number of construction accidents. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics private construction had the most fatalities in North Carolina. Thirty-three people were killed in accidents while working, with slip, fall, and trip accidents being the most fatal.

A Few Questions to Ask About Construction Accidents

Charlotte NC construction accident lawyerYou or someone you love has been injured on a building site. There will be many questions and concerns. Many of your questions will be incident-specific, but there are some questions that we get quite often. There are many questions we ask when we meet with people who have been seriously injured on a construction job. These are:

  • Did you hear your boss say that insurance does not cover injuries?
    North Carolina law mandates that employers pay for workers’ comp insurance to cover workplace injuries. If you are a subcontractor, your employer should have insurance that covers injuries on the job. As your lawyers, we will determine who is responsible for paying your injuries through workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Did another employee cause your injury?
    Construction workers may be from multiple companies. You may still be eligible for workers’ compensation if you are hurt by negligence from a worker of another company. As your lawyers, we will explore the possibility of you bringing a third-party lawsuit against the company or subcontractor. This claim may allow you to recover damages not available through workers’ compensation.
  • Were your injuries caused by unsafe equipment or safety gear
    Even though workers are careful with their equipment and tools, unsafe or defective equipment can cause injury at a construction site. Defective equipment can cause injuries, even if it is safety gear. You could file a claim against its manufacturer or designer to seek workers’ compensation benefits. We will examine the accident and determine if defective equipment or safety gear contributed to your injuries.
  • Are you afraid of your boss?
    You have the right of a safe working environment. When you are injured at work, you have every right to report it and seek treatment. It is against the law for your boss or coworker to make a retaliatory statement against you in order to obtain the compensation that you are entitled. Discuss this possibility with our lawyers so that we can ensure your rights.
  • Was it someone who told you that you couldn’t get medical help because of the injury you caused?
    As you wouldn’t seek advice on carpentry from a lawyer, don’t trust someone who hasn’t been trained in personal injuries law. Our lawyers will review your case to determine who is responsible for the damages and what type of compensation should be pursued. In most cases, it is not the worker’s fault to file a workers’ comp claim.
  • Are your injuries not due to an accident?
    Workers’ compensation coverage can be different for different injuries, especially if an injury restricts your ability work. Workers’ compensation does not require that you are injured in an “accident” only . Workers’ comp may also cover injury that builds up over time from work, such repetitive stress damage, or illness due to inhaling particles and caustic fumes. We can advise you on your rights and help with filing a claim as workers’ compensation attorneys.

What if I was hurt on a construction site but didn’t work?

A construction worker is not always the one who is hurt at a site. While construction companies are supposed reduce pedestrian and vehicle traffic, there is still the possibility of injuries to passersby on or near construction sites. These people include commuters, visitors to a site, and individuals dropping off equipment, food, or supplies.

If you get hurt while working on a building site, but are not a contractor, it is important to determine if the injury was on the job. You may be eligible for workers’ comp coverage through your employer even though you weren’t working at your employer when you were injuredAdditionally, you might be able bring a claim against the person who caused your injury by their negligence.

You may be able to claim compensation for injuries or losses even if the accident occurred while you were not working on the site. The Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group has all the legal options for you.

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The Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group has the ability to quickly help you understand your legal rights, options, and get the compensation you are entitled. The Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group meet with clients to help them get the financial resources that they need to make a move after a devastating accident on a construction job site.

Do I need to hire a Construction Injury Lawyer

Victims of construction injuries that result in long-term absence from work can end up with a mountain on their hands. Therefore, it is crucial that you get the benefits that you legally deserve. A skilled attorney can be very helpful, whether you are seeking workers’ compensation or pursuing a personal case against negligent third parties. A lot of people believe that they don’t have the money to hire an attorney. This makes it difficult for victims who are well-deserving to receive substantial financial compensation. The Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group has construction accident lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis. We do not charge legal fees unless we win your case.

What Kinds of Compensation am I entitled to seek?

Depending upon the facts, victims of construction accident injuries might be eligible for compensation.

  • Medical bills for the past and future
  • Physical therapy
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Counselling
  • Mental anguish
  • Earned less from work
  • Undesirable lifestyle changes

An injury can cause financial hardship. It is unfair for workers and innocent victims to be liable for the financial consequences of an injury.

Charlotte NC construction accident lawyers

Who exactly is responsible for my Injury?

We can’t determine the cause of your injury if we don’t know how it happened. Our attorneys and trained investigators are able to review the facts with you and interview witnesses. They can also investigate the accident and determine who was responsible. Your supervisor or company might not have implemented safety protocols in certain cases. You may have witnessed someone act recklessly or carelessly on the job. Poorly trained employees may have made a mistake on the job that caused the accident. If this happens, you could have been injured. Our Charlotte construction accident lawyers will help you evaluate your case.

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