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Forklifts, bulldozers trucks, cranes, trucks and other heavy equipment are essential tools for a construction site. Even though proper training and safety procedures can prevent accidents, serious injury could result if something goes wrong.

Your head might be spinning if you or someone close to you has been seriously injured in an accident involving heavy equipment on a construction site. What happened? Who was responsible? What caused the construction accident How could this accident have been avoided? What would we do without the construction income? How can we afford our bills

If you find these questions familiar, don’t despair. The Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group is a group of lawyers who have spent decades helping victims and their families to resolve issues arising from construction accidents.

Heavy Equipment Can Inflict Construction Site Injuries

Construction workers are responsible in building homes, offices buildings, stores, and other components of our modern infrastructure. Construction workers are required to use heavy machinery during their day. Deferred maintenance, manufacturing or design defects, or injuries sustained by workers using equipment that is not properly secured can all lead to equipment failures and workplace fatalities.

These are just a few examples, but there are many other types of heavy equipment that could cause accidents in construction.

  • Articulated loaders
  • Back end loaders
  • Backhoes
  • Bulldozers
  • Cherry pickers
  • Compactors
  • Cranes
  • Big equipment accidents
  • Crawlers
  • Dump trucks
    • Forklifts
    • Hydraulic excavators & lifters
    • Excavators
    • Front loaders
    • Paving machines
    • Pay loaders, pay haulers
    • Power shovels
    • Road graders & rollers
    • Scrapers

Staying safe around dangerous machines

Even the most small parts on the equipment could cause serious damage. A locked cylinder may grab a worker’s wallet in a dangerous way. The inherent hazards inherent in the power of machines require the employee to be fully trained in the proper operating and safe operation. Keeping vigilant is advisable for all people. Safety equipment can help prevent injury when working in unsafe equipment. Guards may be incorporated into cutting instruments, like bandsaws or cutting axes. Many of the time these security guards are taken off by employers, making the machinery lethal. In most people, amputation is a major medical problem.

Accidents involving cranes & forklifts

Among the worst machine accidents are cranes and forklifts. When clients are looking for a legal professional that handles such a type of case, they turn to Arnold & Itkin. This device is common in work places and can result in severe injury to people who are being improperly operated on. If cranes are placed on unstable platforms, the operator and the workers may face risks. Construction zones are particularly dangerous, and the crane-bomb collapse is dangerous. Similarly forklift accidents can occur such as tip-overs, falls and collisions between the workers of a forklift.

Common Crane Accident Causes


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In North Carolina and all other states where construction cranes can be used, crane incidents result in injuries and death when operators are negligent or the equipment is defective. Sometimes crane accidents can be caused by lack of training.

Other causes of crane accidents are:

      • Misunderstood signals between workers
      • Negligent operator
      • Inappropriate crane use
      • Improper boom angle
      • Unsafe assembly of crane equipment
      • The collision of cranes and power lines

A Charlotte construction accident lawyer will help you to recover damages from the responsible party. This could be the crane manufacturer/dealer, the owner of the property on the construction site, or any other party who was at fault for the crane accident.

Heavy Equipment Accidents

Large pieces of machinery sharing a site with people on foot can lead to tragedy, especially if there is no safety program or supervision.

The Journal of Safety Research revealed that the operator of heavy equipment and other workers at the site were responsible for many of the deaths. Visitors, commuters and passersby were also affected by the accident.

Here are just some examples of how construction equipment could cause injuries.

      • Backhoe, Truck Accidents Hazards involving large trucks and backhoes accounted for half of all fatalities in construction accidents involving heavy-duty equipment according to a study published in the Journal of Safety Research. These were motor vehicle accidents where construction trucks collided or rolled over another vehicle, object, or ran off of the road.


      • Rollover Accidents According to the Journal of Safety Research Rollovers are most common types of heavy equipment accident. When a machine is struck or struck by other heavy equipment or vehicles like trucks, it can cause a rollover.


      • Struck-By Accidents
        Accidents in which a worker is struck by heavy equipment are the leading cause of death for all workers, other than the operator. These accidents happen most often when heavy equipment backing up, such as a truck, backhoe or forklift. You must pay special attention to both the environment and the warnings to those around you to move. It is important to maintain equipment in good condition so it can respond correctly when an operator attempts to stop it or steer.


      • Defective Parts
        Operators and those around them can be harmed by a hidden defect or neglected maintenance issue in heavy equipment. Sometimes, an operator or coworker may not be aware that there is a defect until it has already caused serious accidents.


      • Electrocution
        When heavy equipment is near live power lines, many workers forget to consider the potential for electrocution. Any part of an equipment that comes in contact with a source of electricity or power can conduct the electricity directly into the body.


      • Falls
        A significant risk is also presented by objects falling from heavy machinery and operators falling while trying to get into or out of the equipment. Due to the fact that heavy equipment can lift large loads from the ground, and because controls are often placed at several feet above the surface, accidents in which a load is dropped or an operator falls while trying to reach controls can result in serious injuries.

Common Injuries from Heavy Equipment Accidents

workers comp lawyer raleigh, ncMost construction workers sustain injuries from heavy equipment accidents due to crushing, requiring medical care. These injuries include crushing of bones, soft tissues, broken bones, brain damage, and damage to spinal cord and brain. An accident might result in the amputation of one or more limbs. In other cases, it may also be necessary to save the life of someone who has been injured.

In many heavy equipment accidents, burns and electrocution injuries can also occur. Severe electrical injuries may result from an electrical malfunction of the vehicle. An electrocution can cause serious damage to any part, including the brain. The injury can also cause severe burns which can be very painful and difficult to treat. The most common outcomes are surgery, prolonged time in a burn unit, permanent pain and scarring.

Workers who slip and fall while operating heavy machinery or near it may also be at risk for a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or one or more fractures. A spinal cord injury or brain injury can cause permanent or fatal effects.

Charlotte’s personal injury firm has a legal team that is here to help

Anyone who has been injured in a heavy equipment accident on a construction site should be taken to the hospital immediately. You should also inform your supervisor and the foreperson of the accident, in order to keep a record. As much information as you can, such as accident reports and medical records, as well information about witnesses.

Also, it is important to seek out qualified lawyers like The Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyers Group. Don’t make the mistake of not getting the best representation available . You may be able, if a piece or heavy equipment is defective and caused injury and accident, to sue the manufacturer for personal injury. Our North Carolina construction accident attorneys will help you to understand your rights and options. They can also help you build a strong case for all sources of compensation and fight for your rights during settlement negotiations or at trial.

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