How To Choose My Own Lawyer In Case Of A Traffic Accident

How to report an accident to my insurance company and choose my lawyer. Legal Defense Coverage.

I just had a traffic accident, in which I had no fault. What do I do? How do I report the accident to my insurance company? Who pays my lawyer? Can I choose a lawyer or does the company impose it? Will I recover those lawyer expenses?

The Vehicles And The Respective Insurance Companies

The first thing to do is to properly fill out the friendly part of the accident, with all the data, especially those related to the identification of the drivers, the vehicles and the respective insurance companies. Also, if you have any discomfort or injury, you should go to see him in the emergency room that same day.

Specialized In Traffic Accidents In Almeria

With the friendly part of the accident, if you had the accident in Almeria, the second would be to contact a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents in Almeria, so that you can process everything, and refer a doctor and/or rehabilitator to take you out the rehabilitation of their injuries, which if done within the first 72 hours, it is reasonable to enter into the Unespa agreement .

Communicating The Appointment Of A Lawyer

Then, you should report to your own company, presenting a copy of the friendly part, and communicating the appointment of a lawyer. You can do it or by email scanning everything, or presenting it in an office of your insurance company, stamping a copy to stay with proof of your presentation.

Perfect Right To Appoint The Lawyer

You are in your perfect right to appoint the Charlotte NC car accident lawyer you deem appropriate to defend your interests, and not have to settle for the processors of your own company, which, surely, will ensure more for the interests of the insurer than those of you.

The Instructions Of The Insurer

This is established in article 76 of Law 50/1980, of October 8, on the Insurance Contract: "the lawyer and attorney designated by the insured will not be subject, in any case, to the instructions of the insurer."

Appoint A Law Firm Specialized In Traffic Accidents

It is best to appoint a law firm specialized in traffic accidents. The normal thing is that that office already takes care of everything, claiming to the opposite company.

Depending on the guarantees contained in your policy, and in case of designating us,  we will also take care that your insurer reimburses you the fees you pay as a result of the accident up to the limit contracted (Legal Defense).

Remember that many insurance policies that the law requires to contract, contain a section related to "Legal Defense"; in such a way that its own insurer will cover, in whole or in part, and according to the content of the policy, the expenses that the management of a private lawyer may cause. All this, regardless of whether there is a condemnation of judicial costs. So at least it will recover part of those fees. Although you think that insurance companies always try to pay the minimum, and are always reluctant to pay, but at least recover part of the fee.