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Best Charlotte Car Accident Attorney

5 Common Mistakes That Could Ruin A Car Accident Injury Claim

5 Common Mistakes That Could Ruin A Car Accident Injury Claim


Best Charlotte Car Accident Attorney

When you have been the victim of a car accident, it’s easy to feel disheartened afterward. Often, the emotional and physical trauma can be hard to understand or find a solution for.

For many people, though, the next step is to look to take the car accident to court. If you wish to claim for compensation due to injury, though, you need to make sure that you do things by the book.

If you want the best chances of success, then you need to avoid these 5 common mistakes.

  1. Waiting for medical treatment

Arguably the first major mistake that you could make is not getting immediate medical assistance. Even if you think your injuries are not major, it’s important to visit a doctor for documentation purposes. It’s not just for the case, though; getting checked out is a medical necessity after you’ve been hurt.

  1. Waiting to call support

When you are in the midst of the accident, it’s easy to lose track of procedure. However, the first thing you should – aside from get immediate medical treatment – is call 911. You want to get the law enforcement involved as soon as possible. They can accurately detail the scene, take statements from the drivers, and add weight to the argument you put forward in court.

Without a police report, though, you’ll struggle to prove with any certainty your claims in court.

  1. A lack of witnesses

Now, while you can’t exactly force people to be on the scene when you crash, you need at least one witness.

A witness statement is the difference between being able to get your claim heard, or having it dismissed in the first place. A witness statement is one of the most significant pieces of evidence used when deciding who is at fault.

  1. A lack of photo evidence

When you tell a court or a judge that your car received X, Y, and Z damage, they will want to see proof. This means getting immediate photos post-crash, and also a mechanics report when you have it repaired. Most times you’re going to have your phone with you, so make sure to take some photos as soon as possible.

  1. No legal assistance

The last piece of evidence that could go some way to making your case hard to win, or get heard, is not having legal assistance. You could try and negotiate the whole settlement yourself, but legal expertise adds credence and weight to your entire argument.

It’s always worth reaching out to get professional help, as the legal knowledge needed to fight even a basic car accident is huge.

Don’t jeopardise your own chances of getting fair compensation in a car accident. Make sure you utilise each of the mentioned procedures, and you’ll be far more likely to win your day in court.

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